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Tube & Bar Straighteners and
Feeding Units

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This Shuster two-plane geared roll straightener is capable of feeding and straightening accurately thin walled tubing from 1 1/8" to 2 3/4" O.D. x .058" wall or equivalent in cross section, also 3/8" to 1" solid bar stock.

Power driven feed rolls advance the tube or bar stock through two sets of rolls, eight rolls to a plane.

The tube does not rotate during passage, thus eliminating stock damage such as spiraled burrs, or operator injury due to rotating tubes.

Rolls are designed for each particular requirement. They may be supplied for square or hexagon as well as round. Drive roll spindles are mounted on Timken bearings. The idler rolls rotate on needle bearings.

Gear boxes are totally enclosed with hardened steel gears bathing in oil.

Shuster GRS Machines can be built for a speed range to meet the customer's requirements. Feed roll speed is controlled using an inverter duty motor and an engineered AC Inverter Drive .

The roll housings are mounted on a welded steel base. Centerline may be altered to meet customer specifications.


No. 3GRS SHUSTER Tube Straightener is capable of handling thin walled tubing from 3/8" to 1 1/8" O.D. x .028" W.T. Mounted in the base is a 5 H.P. Inverter Duty Motor controlled by an AC inverter drive for driving rolls to feed at rate of 100 to 400 F.P.M. Speeds range may be changed to meet customer's specifications. This unit measures 36" from floor to centerline. Centerline may be altered to meet customer specifications. THE TUBE DOES NOT ROTATE DURING PASSAGE. Machine may be supplied with Constant Speed Motor. Capacity for use on solid mild steel wire is 1/4" to 9/16" diameter.


.125" TO .625"OD TUBE OR .125" TO .375" SOLID 2HP


 .250" TO 1.500" TUBE OR .375" TO .813" SOLID 7.5HP

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