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Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines

1V18     1AEVS    2A4EV     2ABEV

Shuster - the first name in wire straightening and cutting, presents a full range of infinite variable speed machines - first in the field.

Infinite Variable Speed Drive! Infinite feed changes and control. The speed you want when you want it. Constant speed maintained when set regardless of load variations.

Electrically Controlled Clutch And Target! Fewer wearable parts. Sliding bolt type mechanism. Solenoid actuated, feather touch control!

Minimum Maintenance! Frees operator from worry! Speeds Production!


.035 to .125 Basic Wire 20 to 150 F.P.M. Electrically controlled tripping mechanism. Variable feeding speed to obtain optimum production over range of the machine. Direct drive from one motor mounted in welded steel frame.
1V16 Similar to 1V18 .020" to .080" basic wire 20 to 150 F.P.M.


.062 to .250 or .062 to .187 Basic Wire 20 to 265 F.P.M.
Micro-switch target and clutch. Lightning cut-off. Hardened steel cut-off knife delivers square, true, undistorted ends. Direct-drive five-die straightening flier. Ball and roller bearings throughout.


.062 to .250 or .125 to .312 Basic Wire 20 to 300 F.P.M. New 4-roll Totally Enclosed Feed Housing equipped with two hand wheel type feed pressure controls, distributes the pull required, especially on flat or shaped stock. An optional 12-roll type straightener is available to interchange with Rotary Arbor.


.157 to .375 Basic Wire 20 to 300 F.P.M. Electronic cut-off produces accurate, square, clean-cut lengths of wire! Operator simply locks the stop rod gauge for desired length of cut. Target operated by sensitive micro-switch. Simple, economical operation. Trouble-free maintenance.

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