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Wire and Tube Straightening and
Feeding Units

1RYV     32SF     38SF


The Little Giant

This practical, economical, automatic feed Bench Model Fine-Wire Straightener can be one of the most useful Shuster machines in your plant. It is the answer to small-space requirements, and straightens your choice of fine-wire sizes for either .020" to .040" or .030" to .072". It is geared to feed 25 to 150 feet of wire per minute. The Little Giant is a highly versatile, and productive member of the Shuster family of dependable wire straightening equipment.



 Operates Efficiently At 20 to 200 F.P.M.

The versatile new Shuster Model 32SF is a precision straightening and feeding machine designed to produce accurate wire, tubing, round or shaped, for use in special forming presses, heat treating operations, spring coilers, ring makers and multi-slide wire forming machines.

32SF0 .045" to .125" Mild Steel
32SF1 .062" to .187" Mild Steel
32SF3 .093" to .250" Mild Steel

Speed range 20 to 200 F.P.M. or 10 to 90 F.P.M.



Operates Efficiently At 10 to 200 F.P.M.

This machine is available in two configurations, with rotary arbor or with 12 roll central foot roll straightener. Capable of handling 1/16" through 1/4" diameter wire and 1/2" tubing.

It will accurately straighten thin walled tubing to 3/8" O.D., solid bar stock to 5/16" diameter, 3/16" square or equivalent flat wire to 5/8" wide. Four feed rolls advance the tube through two planes of rolls, six rolls to a plane. The tube does not rotate during passage, thus eliminating stock damage such as spiral burrs, or operator injuries caused by rotating tubes.

Rolls are designed to suit particular requirements, a full set being required for each size of tubing, and can be supplied for square and hexagon wire as well



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