Manufacturing the World's Finest Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines

Flat and Shaped Stock Cutting Machines


Shuster Shape Stock Straightening and Cut-off machines with Micro Switch target and a solenoid operated bolt-type clutch handle standard shape straightening and cutting jobs like the professionals that they are. We have all the answers for your shape stock problems.

Ranges   Square Max Width
FC3/1V18F Geared to feed 25-150 FPM 3/32” 1/8”
FC8/1AEVSF Geared to feed 20-200 FPM 1/8” 1/4”
FC18/2A4EVF Geared to feed 20-200 FPM 3/16” 3/8”
FC31/2ABEVF Geared to feed 20-200 FPM 1/4” 1/2”
FC93/3AVEVF Geared to feed 76-228 FPM 3/8” 3/4”
FC210/4AVEVF Geared to feed 90-180 FPM 1/2” 1”


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