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SHUSTER COMBINATION MACHINE:  2-Plane and Single Arbor Straighten & Cut:

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! The Shuster Combination Machine allows the end user to straighten and cut shaped stock and round wire.

The recently built and sold SAC31/2A4EVF- Combination Machine pictured above is equipped with a 5/16″ Rotary Arbor along with our industry standard ROL-4 2-Plane (12 roll) straightener.

Set-up is quick and simple, just like any other Shuster machine!  After set-up, operation of the machine is changed from Rotary Straightening to 2-Plane with the flick of a switch.

Shuster can design and build any machine that is part of the Shuster Standard Single Arbor Cut (SAC) family as a Combination Machine.  Call or click here for a quote Today!


With simple maintenance, Shuster variable speed Wire Straightening & Cutting Machines provide decade after decade of reliable service.

Now maintenance is even simpler our with our newly designed clamshell guard.  The guard, securely mounted to the machine head by heavy-duty bolted hinges and struts, makes gaining access to critical drive components, belts, and other assemblies for routine maintenance as easy as opening the hood on your car!

The time saved translates into reduced downtime and increased productivity.

Clamshell guards are now available on most new Shuster Wire Straightening and Cutting Machines at No additional cost.

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